Membership Details

If you are a farmer, farm manager, tractor driver, mechanic, foreman or just interested in farm machinery, then NORMAC is for you. Mechanised farming is changing all the time, by being a member of NORMAC you will keep up to date with the many changes as they happen.

Monthly Winter Meetings Seven Centres

There are 7 Normac centres around the county, each arrange monthly events through the autumn, winter and spring months. These meetings are usually in the format of guest speakers from machinery manufacturers giving talks and presentations on latest technology, new machines, machine optimisation and working techniques.


The seven NORMAC centres are at Aylesham, Dereham, Diss, Docking, Loddon, Swaffham and Wymondham. These centres meet regularly between October and April and have their own chairman and committee. Each club arranges its own programme of events.

Visits Quarterly Magazine

Typically, the individual centres will organise two to three visits annually, either to local manufacturers or dealers in the evening or to larger manufacturing businesses for the day during the summer. Most centres will endeavour to organise a farm walk during this period too.


The club magazine 'Top Link' is sent out free to all members. It contains latest machinery news, technical articles, write ups from visits and details of meetings and events.

Working Demonstrations Subscription

NORMAC organises the well-known and nationally recognised Cultivations Demonstration, this has grown over the years to become one of the largest of its type in the U.K. Primarily a working event of new and currently available machines and technology it also aims to encompass information and advice that are intrinsically linked to farming and growing in the ever changing agricultural landscape.


Normac introductory subscriptions are £20.00 annually, due on October 1st. Members are welcome to attend meetings at any of the seven centres should they chose to.

How to Join

To apply for membership, please provide, your name, address, telephone number, email address and details of the center you would like to join and either hand it to a centre representative or send with your subscription to the address below.

Please send, together with a cheque for £20.00 (payable to NORMAC) to:
Jonathan C D Tunmore - County Co-ordinator
3 St Mary's View, Church Road, Farnham, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1GZ

Many of the photographs used on this website are with kind permission of Ryan Baker and David Laley (aka the Tractor Twitcher).