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May 2016

JCB Loadall 530 70 Farm Special Plus with Suton Muck Grab

NORMAC Cultivations Demonstration 2016

8th September

NORMAC Welcomes You!!!

The Norfolk Farm Machinery Club are delighted to stage this year’s Cultivations Demonstration at Hardingham Farms, a typical Mid Norfolk Estate running to 2600 acres of soil types ranging from sand to loam, mostly grade 2 and 3.

William Edwards is now the sixth generation of the family to farm this area, the farm being in the same family ownership since 1826, and NORMAC are much indebted to him for allowing us to return to the farm again, after an absence of 10 years.

Much has changed in that time. In 2006 the farm was still very much under the plough. Now-a-days most of the cultivations are done with a Simba Solo, the plough only coming into use rotationally, in the heavier land to help with blackgrass control.

The farm manager, Paul Myhill has been with the farm only for a relatively short time, but is already keen to introduce some changes. Both he and William are keen to see some of the machinery at the demonstration perform on their farm, and hopefully some of it will remain there!

The current cropping on the farm includes Winter Wheat, Hi-Bred Winter Barley, Oil Seed Rape, Winter and Spring Beans and Sugar Beet. About 65 acres are let for Packing Potatoes.

Much of the farm is still in HLS and ELS until the current schemes run out. In an effort to keep organic matter content up, a straw for muck deal with a local pig farmer and the use of poultry manure on OSR and sugar beet keeps the land in good heart. In order to keep up with current agricultural thinking and to benchmark themselves, the farm is part of the AHTB Farm Forum.

Paul is very much “hands on”, and is assisted by two other members of staff, plus extra help at harvest time. Seed is drilled with a Vaderstad drill and most of the horse-power is provided by a Challenger 775E, together with a MF 8752 and a MF7626. Liquid nitrogen is applied together with crop protection products with a 36m Bateman self -propelled sprayer. P & K is usually applied by the use of Fibrophos, and is spread by a local contractor.

The NORMAC Demo is being held over 200 acres of the farms eastern fields, close to the village of Kimberley and will feature a wide selection of cultivation and establishment machinery from over 50 manufacturers as well as sprayers, soil mapping technology, tractors, farm buildings and crop storage systems. As this is on a typical Norfolk soil, most, if not all the machinery will be working, no matter how heavy the rainfall was the night before!

This year, as in the last five years or so, most of the talk between farmers have been in Black-grass control, and this year we will see a number of machines designed to produce that stale seedbed which is so important. More so than ever as the chemical armoury we have against this persistent weed and many others are becoming diminished, due to natural resistance or political and environmental pressures. So good old fashioned farming techniques are now being modernised, with cultivation techniques at the top of the list. Finding the right machine for your soil and conditions, which will perform in our varied climate is most important, and the aim of the NORMAC Demonstration is to help you in your choice.

Great emphasis is being made these days on the poor condition of many of our soils. With the land-owners kind permission, we will be digging a number of soil profile test pits around the site to assess the underlying condition of the soils on the farm, and to see the effects of a number of cultivation techniques, and if they are actually achieving the desired results. This will be good for the exhibitors to see as well as their customers. One of the areas has already been sown with a cover crop to demonstrate their effects to soil structure. Experts in this field of soil science will be on hand to explain their findings. Also, Trelleborg Tyres will be staging their “road-show”, showing the effects of correct tyre selection, inflation and ballasting to compaction and soil health.

There will be a lot to see and learn over this 200 acre site. As usual there will be a couple of “busses” moving around the site, allowing you to jump on and jump off at the machines or company you wish to see. There will also be the usual refreshment kiosks and hospitality areas to satisfy the inner man!

We are at NR9 4AE, between Wymondham and Dereham, and the site will be well sign-posted on the day. September 8 th is quite a good time to take the day out after harvest and before the bulk of the start of the new season. Do come along and join us. We look forward to seeing you.

Admission and car parking is all absolutely free and things will get moving from about 8.00am till about 4.00pm.

Remember to put September 8th in your diary now.


If you are involved with land based machinery, either in farming, grounds care, amenity or construction, whether a driver, mechanic, foreman, or just interested in machinery, then NORMAC is for you ! Mechanised farming is changing all the time, no more so than today. By being a member of NORMAC you will keep up to date with the many changes as they happen.

Monthly Winter Meetings
There are 10 NORMAC centres around the county, and each arrange monthly events through the autumn, winter and spring, then guest speakers, mostly from manufacturers give talks on the latest ideas, new machines, and how to get the best of them, and new techniques involved.

Most centres arrange two or three visits annually, either to local manufacturers or dealers in the evening, or to large manufacturing plants for the day during the summer months. Many centres arrange walks during the summer as well.

Working Demonstrations
NORMAC arranges the biennal Cultivations Demonstration, which has grown over the years to become one of the largest events of its kind in the country. NORMAC also hosts the Norfolk County Ploughing Match, as well as individual centres organising their own matches each year.

Eight Centres
The 8 NORMAC centres are at Dereham, Diss, Docking, Holt, Loddon, North Walsham, Swaffham and Wymondham, so there is one near you wherever you are in Norfolk. These centres meet regularly between October and April, have their own chairman and committee and make their own programme.

Quarterly Magazine
The club magazine TOP LINK is sent free to all members. It contains machinery news, technical articles and details of all NORMAC meetings and events.

NORMAC introductory subscription is only £12.50 a year, due on October 1st. Members are welcome to attend meetings at any of the NORMAC centres.

How to Join
Complete the membership form and post it, together with your cheque, to Chris Thomas, County Co-ordinator.

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