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May 2016

JCB Loadall 530 70 Farm Special Plus with Suton Muck Grab

NORMAC Cultivations Demonstration 2016

8th September

In this, our 70 th year, the Norfolk Farm Machinery Club are pleased to be holding another of our very successful Cultivations Demonstrations.

This year we are at Hardingham Farms, just outside Wymondham, Norfolk, by kind invitation of Mr. William Edwards. Well over 50 companies will be taking over the 200 acre site and will be working with all the latest developments in cultivation and establishment machinery and techniques.

Practical, working demonstrations of farm machinery have always played a big part of NORMAC’s activities ever since the early days, and over the years we have showcased grassland machinery, straw handling, muck spreading, inter-row cultivations, irrigation etc. As cultivation technology is progressing so rapidly with new ideas coming in to replace an ever dwindling chemical products, the chance to see these latest developments working in a typical Norfolk soil has made the NORMAC Demo an important day in the farming calendar.

NORMAC enjoys enormous support from our local machinery dealers who have all promised to fill large plots with a wide variety of working machinery and hospitality to match!

Demonstrations of working machinery will include ploughs, all conceivable combinations of discs, tines, packers and rolls, drilling and planting techniques, as well as sprayers and field analysis and mapping programmes.

There will be a major feature of a number of test holes being dug around the site to examine the state of the soil, the condition of the sub-soil, compactions pans etc., and the means to combat the problems. An area of cover crop has been established and this will be exposed to see the root development and its effect it is having below the surface. We will also be digging test pits to see the effect of different cultivation techniques, tyre choice and axle loadings.

In our large area of static stands will be companies offering a wide variety of services to the agricultural industry from farm buildings to spare parts.

As this is such a large site, and there is so much to see we will be providing a hop on-hop off bus service to help you get to the machinery you want to see. These tractor drawn people carriers will be operating all day. To satisfy the inner man, a number of refreshment kiosks will be in operation all round the site.

Admission and car parking is all absolutely free and things will get moving from about 8.00am till about 4.00pm.

Remember to put September 8th in your diary now.

NORMAC Demonstration

Hardingham, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR9 4AE


If you are involved with land based machinery, either in farming, grounds care, amenity or construction, whether a driver, mechanic, foreman, or just interested in machinery, then NORMAC is for you ! Mechanised farming is changing all the time, no more so than today. By being a member of NORMAC you will keep up to date with the many changes as they happen.

Monthly Winter Meetings
There are 10 NORMAC centres around the county, and each arrange monthly events through the autumn, winter and spring, then guest speakers, mostly from manufacturers give talks on the latest ideas, new machines, and how to get the best of them, and new techniques involved.

Most centres arrange two or three visits annually, either to local manufacturers or dealers in the evening, or to large manufacturing plants for the day during the summer months. Many centres arrange walks during the summer as well.

Working Demonstrations
NORMAC arranges the biennal Cultivations Demonstration, which has grown over the years to become one of the largest events of its kind in the country. NORMAC also hosts the Norfolk County Ploughing Match, as well as individual centres organising their own matches each year.

Eight Centres
The 8 NORMAC centres are at Dereham, Diss, Docking, Holt, Loddon, North Walsham, Swaffham and Wymondham, so there is one near you wherever you are in Norfolk. These centres meet regularly between October and April, have their own chairman and committee and make their own programme.

Quarterly Magazine
The club magazine TOP LINK is sent free to all members. It contains machinery news, technical articles and details of all NORMAC meetings and events.

NORMAC introductory subscription is only £12.50 a year, due on October 1st. Members are welcome to attend meetings at any of the NORMAC centres.

How to Join
Complete the membership form and post it, together with your cheque, to Chris Thomas, County Co-ordinator.

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